Conference presentations


Session 1: The future of higher education: challenges and policy directions


Session 2: The future of access and attainment: some findings from the CERI project on the future of higher education


Session 3: New vehicles for enhancing access and achievement in higher education


Session 4: The future of access and attainment: challenges and opportunities

A: How might new technologies and pedagogies contribute to quality access in the future?

B: Sector differentiation, student achievement and quality in higher education

C: Diverse equity challenges for the future


Session 7: Impact of globalisation on higher education: towards convergence or sustained diversity?


Session 8: Quality higher education in the era of globalisation

A: Quality assurance and learning outcomes: what next?

B: International mobility and innovation: future prospects

C: Labour market changes and the future of higher education

Session 9: Best future scenarios for higher education?


Session 10: Concluding remarks and next steps



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