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Using Quality Measures to Manage Statistical Risks for Business Surveys in Australia (2006)

General Application of Significance Editing in Australia (2005)

The Effect of Incentives on Response Rates and Timings for Economic Surveys at ABS (2005)

Good principles for writing letters to obtain response in business surveys at ABS (2005)

Using Taxation Data to Improve Survey Design, Methodology and Processes at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2002)

Maximising Common Sample Between Surveys Whilst Fully Representing the Current Population – Synchronised Sampling in Australia (2000)

A Framework for Priority Contact of Non-Respondents and Applications to the Australian Survey of Employment and Earnings (2000)

Significance Editing in the Australian Survey of Average Weekly Earnings (1994)

Significance Editing in the Australian Survey of Employment and Earnings (1999)

The General Application of Significance Editing (2000)


Development of Interactive Electronic Questionnaires for use in Short-Term Statistics at Statistics Austria (2005)

Shifting data editing to respondents at Statistics Austria (2005)

Reducing the legal response time from 20 to 15 days at Statistics Austria (2005)

Providing Respondents with Free Access to Survey Results at Statistics Austria (2004)

Development of Sophisticated Electronic Questionnaire Software for use in Short-Term Statistics at Statistics Austria (2003)


Generalised Edit and Imputation System for Economic Surveys at Statistics Canada (2005)

Use of Administrative Data in the Canadian Employment, Payroll and Hours Survey (2001)

Using a Two Phased Design in the Canadian Retail Commodity Survey (2002)

Technical Details of the Two Phased Design Used in the Canadian Retail Commodity Survey (1997)

Czech Republic

Improving Relationships with Respondents in the Czech Republic for the Monthly Survey of Sales in Trade and Services (2005)


Danish Experiences in Tackling the Response Burden (2004)

Timeliness, Response Burden and Cooperation with Respondents at Statistics Denmark (2003)


Expanding the use of Electronic Data Reporting in Finland (2007)

Improving Timeliness through Electronic Data Reporting in Finland (2005)

Improvement in Timeliness for Turnover in Other Services and Production in Construction at Statistics Finland (2005)

Using the Web for Collecting Short-term Business Statistics in Finland (2005)

Sub-Sample Based Flash Estimate of Retail Trade at Statistics Finland (2003)

Electronic Data Capture for Short-Term Statistics at Statistics Finland (2004)

Quality Management Processes used for Improving the Timeliness of Industrial Output at Statistics Finland (2002)


Action Plan to Improve Timeliness for the French Industrial Production Index which uses Administrative Data (2001)


eSTATISTIK.core: Electronic data reporting from ERP systems in Germany (2005)

Introducing and Implementing a New Data Editing Strategy for German Business Statistics (2005)

New System for Selective Input Editing and Graphical Macro Editing of German Economic Studies (2005)

Use of Modelling Techniques and Flash Estimates at the Statistical Office of Germany (2003)


The Collection and Analysis of Standard Quality Indicators at ISTAT (2006)

Quality Indicators for Evaluating and Documentation Editing and Imputation at ISTAT (2005)

Improving Timeliness and Quality of Short-term Statistics: an Application to Italian Building Permits (2004)

Model Based Estimates of Construction Industry Output Using Administrative Data at ISTAT (2003)

Sub-Sample Based Preliminary Estimates of Retail Trade at ISTAT (2003)

A Complete System of Data Capture to Improve Timeliness of Short-Term Statistics at ISTAT (2001)


Electronic Data Collection System for Latvian Business Statistics (2005)


Methods to Produce Flash Estimates of Manufacturing Industry Production by the Bank of Mexico (2002)


The Embedding of a Uniform Process for Business Statistics in the Netherlands (2005)

Improving Timeliness & Accuracy for Manufacturing Turnover Growth at Statistics Netherlands (2005)

Developments in Data Editing, Imputation, Respondent Follow Up and using VAT Data at Statistics Netherlands (2003)

Improving the Timeliness of Short-Term Statistics (2001)

Improving Timeliness of Industrial Short-Term Statistics using Time Series Analysis at Statistics Netherlands (2003)

New Zealand

Using EFTPOS Data as a Timely Indicator of Retail Trade and Services Activity in New Zealand (2006)

Using administrative data in short-term statistics: Sub annual industry surveys at Statistics New Zealand (2004)

Changes to the Quarterly Retail Trade Survey at Statistics New Zealand (2004)

Changes to the Quarterly Wholesale Trade Survey at Statistics New Zealand (2003)

Changes to the Quarterly Economic Survey of Manufacturing at Statistics New Zealand (2002)


New Approaches to Data Exchange with Businesses at Statistics Norway (2002)


Combining Methodology, Quality and Timeliness at Statistics Portugal (2001)

Slovak Republic

Integrated Automated Statistical Information System in the Slovak Republic (2003)


Automated Editing System for Short-term Business Surveys in Slovenia (2005)

Measurement of Data Quality for Short-term Business Statistics in Slovenia (2004)


Integration of External Data from Tax and Public Accounts in the Spanish Central Business Register (2002)

Use of Simple Data Items and Respondent Editing of Web Forms in Spain (2005)

Using Total Quality Management to Improve Spanish Industrial Statistics (2001)

Spanish Methods to Improve Timeliness in the Industrial Production Indices (2002)


Sub-Sampling to Produce Fast Estimates of Foreign Trade at Statistics Sweden (2003)

Maximising Common Sample Between Surveys with a Probability Proportional to Size Sample Selection Method (2000)

More Rapid Retail Trade Estimates at Statistics Sweden (2003)

United Kingdom

Retaining Output Quality Whilst Reducing Validation Costs at ONS (2006)

Web Versus Paper Questionnaires: a Design and Functionality Comparison in the UK (2005)

UK Working Practices that Allow an Early Delivery of the Production Index (2002)

Current and Future Advances in Efficient Data Collection Processes at the UK Office for National Statistics (2004)

Technology Based Data Collection Processes used for Business Surveys at the UK Office for National Statistics (2004)

Score Functions to Reduce Business Survey Editing at the U.K Office for National Statistics (2003)

Developing Selective Editing Methodology for Surveys with Varying Characteristics at U.K. ONS (2003)

Cost Savings and Timeliness Improvements from Reengineering the Statistical Production Process in the United Kingdom (2003)

Quality Evaluation and Future Vision for the UK Office for National Statistics Data Collection Strategy (2003)

Processes Used to Achieve Timely Estimates of Turnover in Other Services Industries in the United Kingdom (2003)

United States

Internet Collection at the BLS: an Option to Report Data (2006)

Improving Imputation Methods for the Employment Cost Index at BLS (2006)

Benchmarking State Labour Force Statistics in the United States (2005)

Quality vs Timeliness Tradeoffs in the BLS ES-202 Administrative Statistics (2002)

Imputation Methods, Sample Design and Estimation for the BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (2001)

Sub-Sample Design for the United States Advanced Retail Trade Estimates (2003)

Usability Issues Associated with Converting Establishment Surveys to Web Based Data Collection at U.S. BLS (2003)

Survey Data Collection over the Internet at the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (2003)

An Integrated System for Data Input Processing at the U.S. Bureau of Census  (2000)

Editing Strategies Used by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics in Data Collection over the Internet (2003)

Electronic Data Reporting – Moving Editing Closer to Respondents, U.S. Energy Statistics (2003)

Estimation Specifications for the US Advanced Monthly Retail Trade Survey (2003)

Analysis of Revisions to Advanced Estimates for US Retail Trade (1998)

Measuring and Reporting Sources of Error in Surveys in the United States (2001)

Achieving Timeliness in the U.S. BLS CES Program (2003)

Achieving Timeliness in the U.S. BLS JOLTS Program (2003) Converting estab surveys to web at BLS


Revision Analysis Using Statistical and Econometric Methods (2001)

Comparison of EU and US Methods for Short-Term Statistics and Implications for Timeliness (2001)

Comparison of European Countries Methods for Short-Term Statistics and Implications for Timeliness (2001)


OECD Revisions Analysis Studies (2006)

Use of Administrative Data for Short-term Economic Statistics: a Framework of Papers (2006)

Proceedings from the OECD/Eurostat Workshop on the Application of Benchmarking Techniques to Official Statistics (2005)

Proceedings from the OECD/Eurostat November 2003 Workshop on Benchmarking (2003)

Factors Influencing the Differences in Timeliness for Retail Trade Statistics in Sweden, Italy and the United States (2003)

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