Statistiques sur la productivité


Productivity Measurement and Analysis

Productivity measurement and analysis are the main topics addressed in this book, which brings together contributions presented and discussed in two international workshops organized by the Statistics Directorate and the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI) of the OECD. The first workshop was organised jointly by the OECD with Fundaccion BBVA and the Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas and held in Madrid in October 2005, and the second one was organized jointly by the OECD and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretary for Economic Affairs of Switzerland and held in Bern in October 2006. The two workshops brought together representatives of statistical offices, central banks and other branches of government in OECD countries that are engaged in the analysis and the measurement of productivity developments at aggregate and industry levels.

Published on April 28, 2009


OECD Workshops on Productivity Analysis and Measurement
Productivity Growth and Innovation in OECD
The Role of ICT on the Spanish Productivity Slowdown
Multi-Factor Productivity Measurement
Innovation and Labour Productivity Growth in Switzerland
On the Importance of Using Comparable Labour Input to Make International Comparison of Productivity Levels
Labour Productivity Based on Integrated Labour Accounts
Are those Who Bring Work Home Really Working Longer Hours?
Main Sources of Quarterly Labour Productivity Data for the Euro Area
U.S. Quarterly Productivity Measures
Labour Input Productivity
Changes in Human Capital
International Comparisons of Levels of Capital Input and Multi-Factor Productivity
Research and Development as a Value Creating Asset
Empirical Analysis of the Effects of R&D on Productivity
Infrastructures and New Technologies
New Technologies and the Growth of Capital Services
Productivity Measurement at Statistics Netherlands
Sectoral Productivity in the United States
Estimates of Industry Level Multifactor Productivity in Australia
Shopping With Friends Give More Fun; How Competition, Innovation and Productivity Relate in Dutch Retail Trade
Economic Growth in Sweden, New Measurements
Estimates of Labor and Total Factor Productivity by 72 Industries in Korea (1970–2003)
List of Contributors
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