Seminar on What Future for Development Agencies?, London, UK, 21 November 2005


In order to achieve most effective and co-ordinated regional and local economic development, Government has set up a range of broad-based, special purpose development agencies.  In England, RDAs have been given wide ranging powers regionally, which have grown over time.  An intention that these might become democratically accountable through regional assemb-lies was thwarted (outside London) by the Northeast referendum.

This Centre for Public Policy Seminar (CPPS) organised this event jointly with the OECD LEED Programme. It looked at how development and successes of UK agencies fits with the global situation and examined the strengths and weaknesses of  the various development bodies in the UK, with some international comparators.  How successful are current models?  How important is the democratic deficit?  Can it be addressed?  What can we learn from elsewhere?  How do we best face the challenges of the future?

The CPPS is directed by Sydney Roper, who has been engaged in top level public policy debate over many years.  The work is guided by an Advisory Council, chaired by Lord Toby Harris, former chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority and Association of London Government.  The deputy chairs are Pam Warhurst CBE, Deputy Chair of the Countryside Agency and Prof Gus John, a leading consultant on diversity issues.  Members include eminent representatives of central and local government, health, education, justice, NGOs and business.

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