Young People with Migrant Parents

The OECD series Making Integration Work summarises, in a non-technical way, the main issues surrounding the integration of immigrants and their children into their host countries. Each volume presents concrete policy lessons for its theme, along with supporting examples of good practices and comparisons of the migrant integration policy frameworks in different OECD countries. This fourth volume explores the integration of young people with migrant parents, a diverse and growing cohort of youth in the OECD area.

Published on March 23, 2021

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Use inclusive language to refer to youth with migrant parents
Make sure all children start school on an equal footing
Provide flexible education pathways for youth born abroad
Involve immigrant parents in the education process
Reduce the concentration of disadvantaged youth with immigrant parents
Prevent school drop-out and establish second-chance programmes
Promote educational excellence and role modelling
Facilitate the school-to-work transition
Tackle discrimination and encourage diversity
Foster social integration through sports and associations
Encourage naturalisation
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