Public Procurement in the State of Mexico

Enhancing Efficiency and Competition

This review analyses the public procurement system, processes and tools applied in the State of Mexico, the biggest federal entity in the country in terms of population. It assesses the extent of centralisation of the procurement function, its implications and areas of opportunity to reap the benefits of such strategy. By analysing the degree of competition in public tenders, the review provides alternatives to increase competitive pressures to maximise efficiency and value-for-money. Likewise, it evaluates the e-procurement platform COMPRAMEX and its potential to incorporate new transactional functions. Finally, the review assesses measures implemented to advance integrity in public procurement and the professionalisation of the procurement workforce. It provides concrete proposals addressing every aspect of the procurement lifecycle, from planning and market consultations to contract management.

Published on July 08, 2021Also available in: Spanish

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Executive Summary
Governance of the public procurement function in the State of Mexico
Leveraging on e-procurement to increase efficiency and transparency of public procurement
Enhancing the effectiveness of centralisation of procurement in the State of Mexico
Ensuring integrity and accountability in public procurement in the State of Mexico
Advancing efficiency throughout the whole procurement cycle
Maximising capacities of the public procurement workforce through professionalisation
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Competition is key to advance efficiency in public procurement

Enhancing competition can maximise value-for-money in public procurement

The potential to enhance competition is one of the main opportunities in the State of Mexico to realise efficiency gains.