Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Renewable Power Infrastructure

As countries scale up climate action, they face the challenge of expanding renewable power while tackling biodiversity loss. Transitioning away from fossil fuels can reduce climate-related pressure on biodiversity, but brings its own risks. Unless carefully managed, the expansion of renewable power could compromise biodiversity. This report synthesises evidence on biodiversity impacts from renewable power infrastructure, with a focus on solar power, wind power and power lines. It identifies opportunities for mainstreaming biodiversity into power sector planning and policy to deliver better outcomes for nature and the climate. Drawing on good practice insights from across the globe, the report offers governments recommendations to align renewable power expansion with biodiversity goals.

Available from January 30, 2024


List of acronyms and abbreviations
Executive Summary
Recommendations and policy options
Biodiversity, infrastructure and the low-emissions transition: Context for action
Biodiversity impacts of solar power, wind power and power lines
Mainstreaming biodiversity into low-emissions pathways and power sector planning
Policy instruments for reconciling biodiversity protection and renewable power expansion
International agreements relevant to mainstreaming biodiversity into renewable energy infrastructure
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