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The Future of Democracy


International Futures Programme seminar on "Power and democracy" took place at the OECD on 25 October 2004. The Summary of the discussions is available here.
Also available the OECD Observer article on "Democracy: What Future" published in April.


Democracy and Power in Denmark Lise Togeby , chair of the Danish committee, and Peter Munk Christiansen , committee member, presented the following paper at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA), September 2 - September 5, 2004, in Chicago. 

Power and democracy in Norway 
The Times Literary Supplement published a review of the Norwegian study by Stein Ringen on 13 February 2004. The Norwegian Embassy in Lodon has a link to the review  here.




Democratic audit of Australia The Australian National University's Research School of Social Sciences is conducting an audit to assess Australia's strengths and weaknesses as a democratic society.


The Canadian Democratic Audit The Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University has launched a major research project entitled The Canadian Democratic Audit, focusing on the federal level, but examining provincial and local government where appropriate.


Civil Participation Policy Programme The Finnish Civil Participation Policy Programme aims to reinforce the functioning of representative democracy and encourage civil participation. The objective is to improve electoral participation and provide opportunities for active civil participation between elections. The programme will place particular emphasis on those groups whose participation and influence have remained low in the past.


The SNS democratic audit of Sweden The Swedish Center for Business and Policy Studies (SNS), an independent network of decision makers from the public and private sectors, invites independent political scientists to assess the state of Swedish democracy.


Democratic audit A non-governmental organisation, attached to the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex in the UK. As well as auditing democracy and political freedom in the UK, it has developed a framework which it states can be used by anyone for auditing democracy in any country in the world.

Connecting Parliament with the Public This report from the Government Select Committee on Modernising the House of Commons makes recommendations designed to better reconcile the necessary purpose of Parliament with the reasonable expectation of the people to have access to the processes by which we govern ourselves. The Committee was particularly interested in public views on access to the building and information about the Commons, improving public understanding of Parliament's work, communication between Parliament and public, and debating public concerns. Other topics examined include education, media relations, and the use of the Internet.


The democratic audit The Democracy Collaborative, hosted by the University of Maryland, in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Voluntary Organizations and Service at Georgetown University, is preparing to conduct a long-term study of changing attitudes and patterns of citizenship and governance at US national level, and in a range of different types of communities.

Youth as e-citizens This report reviews web-based efforts to increase youth civic engagement. Beginning with a close-up examination of website content, the report also examines the organizations and institutions creating that content, and the larger environment in which civic sites function. The report includes case studies of high-profile sites' strategies for launch, visibility and funding; the online response to 9/11; online youth activism; the potential that websites offer to build lasting habits of civic involvement; and developments in technology, regulation and law that raise urgent questions about the viability of the civic web.


Club of Madrid The Club is an independent organization dedicated to strengthening democracy around the world by drawing on the unique experience and resources of its Members - democratic former heads of state and government. In partnership with other organizations and governments that share its democracy-promotion goals, the Club of Madrid provides peer to peer counsel, strategic support and technical advice to leaders and institutions working towards democratic transition and consolidation.

Democratic audit of the European Union The focus is on ensuring the systematic ordering of existing evidence under precisely specified criteria of democratic performance; on getting actors in the EU's political system to carry out self-assessments of their own institutions, as well as peer assessments of others with which they have dealings; and on developing case studies as indicators of democratic standards.

International IDEA The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), is an intergovernmental organization with member states across all continents that seeks to support sustainable democracy in both new and long-established democracies. IDEA draws on comparative experience, analyses democracy trends and assistance, and develops policy options, tools and guidelines. The IDEA's database of voter turnout world wide can be found here.




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