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OECD Economic Survey of the United States launches Thursday June 16, 2016


13/6/2016 - The OECD Economic Survey of the United States, to be published on Thursday, June 16, examines recent economic developments and charts the progress of the U.S. economy. Seven years after the financial crisis, the 2016 Survey finds positive progress:  output has surpassed its pre-crisis peak by 10%.  Unemployment has declined sharply. Fiscal sustainability has been largely restored. However, productivity has slowed; income inequality continues to increase; women receive lower salaries than men and some are largely excluded from the labour market.


To address these challenges, the OECD’s 2016 Survey outlines reforms that could boost growth and well-being.  The Survey’s special chapters take an in-depth look at how to boost productivity growth and make growth more inclusive across socioeconomic groups by enabling individuals to fulfil their potential.


OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría will present the Survey on June 16 in Washington D.C. during an event at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW) starting at 2:30pm ET. Secretary-General Angel Gurría will present the survey with Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman and join a discussion with Peterson Institute President Adam Posen.


This event will be webcast. Journalists who wish to attend the event are invited to register with Eitan Urkowitz (+1  202 454 1334).


For further information on the Economic Survey, please contact Miguel Gorman from the OECD Media Office (+1 202 822 3865).


Journalists will be allowed advance access to the electronic version of the OECD Economic Survey of the Unites States, by e-mail and under embargo, the day before release.


The Survey will be sent by e-mail on request only. In asking to receive the Survey under embargo, journalists undertake to respect the OECD’s embargo procedures.


Requests to receive the Survey by e-mail under embargo should be sent by e-mail to


While in Washington, Secretary-General Gurría will also:

  • Give remarks at the Brookings Institution on inclusive growth in cities (June 16, 9.00 a.m.) This event will be webcast and media are invited to register with: More information here.
  • Address the Washington International Trade Association (WITA) during an event on Trade and Inclusive Growth (June 17, 9.00 a.m.) Media are invited to register with: More information here.
  • Give remarks at the High-Level OECD Workshop on Improving Opportunities for Women in the United States (June 17, 11:00 a.m.). Media are invited to register with: More information here.


Working with over 100 countries, the OECD  is a global policy forum that promotes policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.


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