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OECD to present new work on civil justice systems in Rome on 21 June 2013


17/06/2013 - Well-functioning judicial systems play a crucial role in determining economic performance – notably by guaranteeing the security of property rights and the enforcement of contracts – but not all countries’ judiciaries operate at the same level of efficiency.


New OECD research provides cross-country comparison on the wide variation in judicial efficiency in 24 jurisdictions worldwide, including measures of trial length, accessibility to justice services and the predictability of decisions. It also details potential scope for improving the functioning of justice systems, through wider use of information technology, reductions in litigation and lowering the rate of appeals.


OECD Deputy Secretary-General and Chief Economist Pier Carlo Padoan and the authors of the report will present the study, What Makes Civil Justice Effective?, during a seminar at the Italian Senate on Friday 21 June, starting at 10:00 a.m. Other participants will include Senate President Pietro Grasso, Italian Justice Minister Annamaria Cancellieri and  Lorenzo Codogno, Director General at the Treasury Department of the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance.


The study was conducted with the support of the Bank of Italy and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, in accordance with Italy's commitment to reform the civil justice system.


The seminar is open to the press. To confirm your participation, contact the Press Office of the Italian Senate, by e-mail ( or fax (+39 06.6706.2947), and provide the following information:

            - Complete name, place and date of birth
            - ID card or passport number
            - Name of media
            - National Association of Journalists ID card number


Media enquiries on the OECD research, including requests for interviews or advance copies of the Working Paper under embargo, should be directed to Lawrence Speer in the OECD Media Office (+33 1 45 24 79 70) or the OECD Media Office (+33 1 45 24 97 00).


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