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Environment: Slovenia needs to green its economic recovery


06/06/2012 - Slovenia's rich and diverse environment is under pressure from the country’s expanding economy. OECD’s first Environmental Performance Review of Slovenia says that greening growth, including though green tax reform, better use of public and private finance, and more vigorous promotion of eco-innovation, could help Slovenia boost productivity and competitiveness and consolidate its fiscal position.

The Review takes stock of Slovenia’s progress in environmental management and identifies remaining challenges. It finds that while environmental policies have been consolidated and strengthened, implementation has been slow. Though EU membership in 2004 has been a positive influence, Slovenia could still do more in areas like waste management to better reflect national needs, and in transport to limit climate change.





Simon Upton, Director of Environment of the OECD at the presentation of the Survey



See the data in Excel here                          See the data in Excel here   


The report provides 36 recommendations including:

  • Assess how capacity for eco-innovation could be enhanced;
  • Expedite the adoption and implementation of the Climate Change Act;
  • Urgently develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce energy use in, and related emissions from, the transport sector.
  • Strengthen oversight of local spatial planning, and promote more cooperation between  municipalities to develop joint plans.
  • Develop an overarching waste management strategy, balancing EU requirements and conditions in Slovenia.
  • Assess how market-based approaches could help to better integrate biodiversity and sectoral policies.

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