Green Growth in Africa Workshop January 15-18 2013: Concepts, Tools and Strategies for Building Greener Economies and a Sustainable Future


The Government of Zambia hosted two back-to-back workshops in January 2013 under the theme “Green Growth in Africa: Concepts, Tools and Strategies for Building Greener Economies and a Sustainable Future” in partnership with the African Development Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The workshops presented conceptual issues and policy tool kits on implementing green growth policy measures and strategic environmental assessments. Bringing together over 100 participants including policy makers and technical experts from 20 African countries and representatives from the donor community, the event was targeted at informing and sharing African governments’ experiences in these areas. The workshop also facilitated dialogue with donor agencies in attendance, which have supported Africa’s green growth undertakings.


Enabling Green Growth in Africa, 15-16 January 2013

workshop co-organised by AfDB and OECD,


Sessions and presentations

Session 1: The Global Rationale for Green Growth

Global Context for Green Growth - Jan Corfee-Morlot, OECD
Green Growth for Africa: Concepts, Tools and Strategies for Building Greener Economies and a Sustainable Future - Frank Sperling, AfDB


Session 2: Green Growth at the Country Level

Rwanda's Green Growth Strategy - Peter Katanisa, Ministry of Natural Resources

Green Growth and Sustainable Development - The MID Fund - Joya Bhandhari, Mauritius Ile Durable (MID) Fund

National Initiatives on Green Economy - The case of Mauritius - Keshore Kumar Keeramun, Ministry of Environment

Ethiopia's Low-Carbon and Climate Reslience Green Growth Strategy - Wondwossen Tadesse Develle, Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia

Green Growth in Africa Workshop Jan 2013: PPT Modise -Towards Greener Growth in South Africa - Boipuso Modise, Senior Economist, National Treasury of South Africa

Recent Developments on Green Growth in Nigeria - Sewanu Adebodun-Toplonu, Lagos State EPA and James Ogunleye, Carbon-Limits Nigeria

Mainstreaming Green Growth into PRSP at Country Level: The Example of Sierra Leone - Minister H.E. Mr Oluniyi Robbin-Coker and Madieu Mohamed Jalloh, Ministry of Energy, Power and Water Resources


Special Session on Green Growth Best Practices

Green Growth Best Practice Initiative - Ron Benioff, 3GI


Session 3: Enabling Environment for Green Growth

Enabling Environment for Green Growth - Kofi Vondolia, UNEP

Green Growth in Africa Workshop Jan 2013: PPT the employment and social dimensions - Moustapha Kamal Gueye, International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Enhancing Africa’s Access to Climate Financing and Green Growth Funding in Africa - Yogesh Vyas, AfDB

Southern Africa Green Fund - Olympus Manthata, Development Bank of Southern Africa



Supporting documents

Workshop report: Enabling Green Growth in Africa



SEA and Green Economy, 17-18 January 2013

Workshop organised by the OECD DAC/ENVIRONET Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Task Team


Strategic Environmental Assessment in Development Co-operation - A short introduction

SEA and the African Development Bank: Practice and Progress - Justin Ecaat, AfDB

SEA Case study for Zambia - Mwiche Kabwe, ZEMA

Wind and Solar Energy Generation SEA: A South African Perspective - Rudolph du Toit, Environmental Management Services Unit

Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem in Namibia - The Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment

The Green Economy and SESA of the Minerals Sector in Tanzania - Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Coastal Zone of Mozambique - Republic of Mozambique, Ministry for Coordination and Environmental Affairs


Supporting documents

Workshop report

Background note


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