Roadmap for Resilience in Somalia


Twenty-four years after the start of Somalia’s civil war and just three years since parts of Southern Somalia faced famine, the country continues to face inter-connected and complex challenges that constrain development progress. In the face of these continuing challenges, the Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) and the Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS) consortia convened a Resilience Systems Analysis, in February 2015, with assistance from the OECD and support from the European Union, FAO, WFP and UNICEF.

The analysis focused on building a shared understanding of the Somali context and the need for a ‘roadmap for resilience’ to transcend the country’s chronic challenges. The roadmap addresses both the underlying stresses affecting communities’ key assets, as well as the inter-connections between risks and assets. It provides a way forward, moving beyond the usual sector-based approaches, to identify the resources and capacities that are needed at different layers of society to absorb, adapt and transform in the face of a broad range of risks, stresses and uncertainty – a ‘systems approach.’ Notably, the perception of participants from the Federal Government of Somalia, civil society, NGOs, the Red Cross movement, donors and the United Nations was that the outlook and trends for Somalia is optimistic. The implementation of concrete programmes and policies to strengthen the country’s resilience at all layers of society will be a crucial step in ensuring that the Somali people can capitalise on this optimism and the analysis will help to guide the planning processes of both the Federal Government of Somalia and their development partners.

The analysis was structured around the OECD resilience systems analysis methodology.


Resilience Systems Analysis: Results and Roadmap Resilience Systems Analysis Participants Briefing Pack Somalia: Snapshot on Resilience Resilience Systems Analysis: Somalia
This report presents the analysis of Somalia's resilience systems. Participants identified nine priority risks in Somalia and priority actions to strengthen the country's resilience systems.
A roadmap to strengthen resilience shows how different actions to boost resilience should be implemented at different layers of society.
This briefing pack was distributed to workshop participants in order to faciliate and expedite discussions. It is a preliminary assessment of the main hazards, risks and stresses in Somalia. This four-page snapshot presents an overview of the analysis emerging from the Resilience Systems Analysis Workshop. It presents the overview and trends, key assets for resilience and priorities for resilience in Somalia. This two-pager presents an overview of the resilience systems analysis which is based on discussions at the workshop. It presents the innovative approaches and future steps to strengthen Somalia's systems.


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