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This newsletter reports on the activities of the OECD Regional Centre for Competition in Latin America.

Published twice a year, it shares regional experiences and recent developments from the economies in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

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Issue 8 - December 2023


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In this issue: 


  • Interview with Eduardo González, President of CONACOM in Paraguay
  • Chile: FNE's market study on the gaz industry: study, influence and lessons by Felipe Castro Altamirano
  • Ecuador: The Superintendence of Economic Competition and its Market Studies by Ricardo Freire Granja 
  • Mexico (IFT): Investigation in mobile operating systems market by Mariana Palacios Díaz
  • Mexico (COFECE): Market investigations by Jorge Guadarrama Gamboa
  • Competition and Poverty: what advocacy can competition authorities undertake? by Taimoon Stewart



Previous issues


Issue 7 - June 2023  English | Spanish


In this issue: 

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview with Andrea Marván, Chairwoman of COFECE in Mexico; Brazil: Restrictions to data interoperability as abuse of dominance by Victor Fernandes; Mexico: Collusion in the professional soccer market by Ana María Reséndiz-MoraPanama: Judicial review of competition cases by Joancy Chavez RiveraParaguay: Collusion in Public Bids - the Imedic and Eurotec case by Eduardo N. González; OECD: Recent developments on digital markets regulation in Latin America by Vivian Salomão Ianelli

Issue 6 - December 2022  English | Spanish


In this issue: 

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview with Danilo Sylva Pazmiño, Superintendent for Market Power Control (SCPM) in Ecuador; Brazil: iFood commitment case in the market of food delivery platforms by Alden Caribé de Sousa and Priscilla Craveiro CamposMexico: OTT markets analyzed by the Federal Telecommunications Institute by Salvador Flores Santillán and Juan Manuel Hernández Pérez; Peru: Recent experience promoting competition in digital markets in Peru by Rodolfo Tupayachi; Peru: Indecopi´s recent Market Study on Fintech by Rodrigo Delgado

Issue 5 - June 2022  English | Spanish


In this issue: 

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview: María Elena Vásquez Taveras (ProCompetencia,  Dominican Republic); Brazil: Cease and Desist Agreements in the Oil & Gas Sector in Brazil by Patrícia Sakowski and Felipe Mundim; Portugal: Advocacy and competition impact assessment supporting pro-competitive reforms in self-regulated professions and the transport sector by Sónia Moura; Spain: Ex post analysis of CNMC´s advocacy and market unity actions by María Vidales Picazo; OECD: Competition in the Energy Sector - Recent Developments in Latin America by Paulo Burnier da Silveira and Thaiane Abreu

Issue 4 - December 2021  English | Spanish


In this issue: 

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview: Rolando Díaz (Conacom, Paraguay); Updates on regional projects; Chile: The failing firm defense in Chile by Francisca Levin and Vicente Lagos; PeruToward a more competitive procurement process in the health sector in Peru by Rodolfo Tupayachi; Trinidad and Tobago: Corruption and bid rigging in public procurement: the case of Trinidad and Tobago by Taimoon Stewart

Issue 3  |  June 2021  |  English - Spanish


In this issue:

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview: Guilermo Rojas Guzmán (Coprocom, Costa Rica); Updates on regional projects and the 2021 Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum; Brazil: The Foreign Currency Exchange Market Case in Brazil; by Diogo Thomson Andrade, Fernanda Garcia Machado and Rafaela Teixeira Vieira Noman; Chile: FNE´s cases in the Mortgage-related Insurance Industry; by Camilo Vergara and Diego Concha; El Salvador: Cooperation between the Competition Agency and the Financial Regulator in mergers by Rebeca Hernández Asturias; Mexico: Investigating the Mexican Card Payment System – inception, preliminary opinion and future implications for competition by María Andrea Latapie Aldana

Issue 2  |  December 2020  |  English - Spanish


In this issue:

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview: Alexandre Barreto de Souza (Cade, Brazil); Updates on regional projects and the 2021 Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum; A Note on Screens’ Worldwide Adoption and Successes; Brazil: New Investigation Techniques to Fighting Cartels – the “Brain Project”, Costa Rica: Update and perspectives of the new leniency programme in Costa Rica; El Salvador: Leniency and compliance: the interdisciplinary nexus; Mexico: COFECE’s view of ex-officio investigations in strategic markets; Caribbean: The Efficacy of Leniency Programs in Small Economies – a view from the Caribbean; Caribbean: The Efficacy of Leniency Programs in Small Economies – a view from the Caribbean

Issue 1  |  June 2020   |  English


In this issue: 

  • Centre activities and programme; Interview with Mr. Ivo Gagliuffi Piercechi (Peru); Updates on regional projects; OECD: Challenges and opportunities for competition authorities arising from Covid-19 crisis; OECD: Market Study Process - Example of the UK Credit Card Market; Argentina: Credit Card Market Study - Findings, Recommendations and Impact; Brazil: Advocacy initiatives through CADE’s Cahiers – 10 market studies in 6 years; Mexico: Advocating for pro-competitive regulation in the Notarial services market; Peru: From drafting to implementation of Indecopi’s Guidelines in Public Procurement; Trinidad and Tobago: Advocacy efforts that pushed for the new Competition Law



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