Action Space for local partnerships development in Croatia


Action Space for local partnerships development in Croatia

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In 2007, the Trento Centre, together with the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) mission in Croatia and the support of World Learning Croatia, have jointly undertaken an active review of local partnerships in Croatia.

Key policy recommendations addressed the need for an increased co-ordination and integration between different policy areas at national level concerning local development issues and greater communication and exchange between local partnerships and central government institutions.

Clear guidance for the work of partnerships, while maintaining the necessary flexibility, will be a pre-requisite for more effective local action. There should be greater support to joining up of efforts at local level within the framework of a local development strategy and regular opportunities for organisational development and specialised training for the partnership and its partners should be considered. Government counterparts of local partnerships will need to assist them in the establishment of strong performance management, monitoring and evaluation systems.


Recommendations and international learning models have been grouped under the following thematic areas:

For context specific recommendations tailored to the needs of reviewed localities look at Recommendations at a Glance


Building Effective Local Partnerships:Organisational Challenges and Strategic Orientations

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For more information on the country review Croatia, or if you are interested in working with us on an active review of the local governance system in your region and the role and contribution of partnerships, please contact [email protected]



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