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  • 22-April-2010


    OECD events at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2010

    The OECD is proposing to organise several events to take place at the fifth annual IGF Meeting in Vilnius (Lithuania) to take place 14-17 September 2010

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  • 29-March-2010

    English, , 128kb

    Agenda - Workshop on E-Government Indicators

    The draft agenda for the Workshop on E-Government Indicators.

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  • 10-March-2010


  • 18-January-2010


    2009 Internet Governance Forum Report

    In November 2009 the OECD participated in the fourth Internet Governance Forum, which took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Below is a report on the three events organized by the OECD at the IGF.

  • 11-January-2010


  • 23-décembre-2009


    De Copenhague à Mexico

    Le Secrétaire général, M. Angel Gurría, et une équipe d'experts de l'OCDE étaient à Copenhague, au Sommet des Nations Unies sur le changement climatique, qui s'est tenu du 7 au 18 décembre 2009, pour faire part de leurs analyses et de leurs conseils sur l'action à mener.

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  • 14-December-2009


    Workshop on global ICT services sourcing post-crisis: trends and developments (Egypt, 14 November 2009)

    The aims of the workshop were to examine recent trends in international sourcing in view of the crisis. It was designed to provide an overview of recent development, the needs of the IT services demand side, challenges on the suppluy side, and to draw out lessons for strategy and policy.

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  • 10-December-2009


    Plan Avanza: Information Society Strategy for Spain

    Plan Avanza is an initiative of the Spanish Government to place Spain in a leading position within the Information and Knowledge Society. As part of its review, the OECD and the Government of Spain hosted an international workshop with policy experts to discuss the preliminary finding

  • 8-December-2009


    OECD Conference on Empowering E-Consumers

    The OECD Conference on Empowering E-Consumers: Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy will be hosted by the US Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC on 8-10 December 2009.

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  • 7-December-2009


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