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OECD Workshop on Broadband Digital Content: Developments and Challenges


OECD Headquarters, Paris
1 December 2004


Session 1: Introduction

Fostering the Digital Content Industries: Australia
Anne-Marie Lansdown, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Australia

Session 2: Restructuring Value Chains, Market Dynamics and Business Models

Scientific publishing 


On-line computer / video games

  • Patrice Chazerand, Secretary General, Interactive Software Federation of Europe (Brussels)
  • Aphra Kerr, Research Associate in Media Policy, Centre for Media Research, School of Media and Performing Arts, University of Ulster (Northern Ireland)

Mobile content

Session 3: Government Issues

  • EU E-content Programme
    J. Hernandez-Ros and Anne Troye, Directive on PSI and High-Level Group on Digital Rights Management, European Commission
  • Broadband Content Policy: The UK Approach
    Mervyn Levin (Digital Content and Publishing Unit, Department of Trade and Industry)
  • Korean Public Knowledge Contents
    Ji-youn Son, Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea
  • Digital Content Policy
    Eivind Lorentzen, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Norway


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