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  • 1-November-2021

    English, PDF, 2,640kb

    2021 Annual International Migration and Forced Displacement Trends and Policies Report to the G20

    Latest available data indicate a significant decrease in overall migration flows to G20 countries in 2020. In total, 7 to 7.5 million new temporary and permanent migrants entered G20 countries in 2020, which represents about a 40% decrease on average compared to 2019.

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  • 28-octobre-2021


    Perspectives des migrations internationales 2021

    L'édition 2021 des Perspectives des migrations internationales analyse les évolutions récentes des mouvements migratoires et de l’insertion des immigrés sur le marché du travail dans les pays de l'OCDE. Elle observe également les changements récents de politiques en matière de gouvernance de l’immigration et de l'intégration des immigrés dans les pays de l'OCDE. La présente édition comprend deux chapitres spéciaux, l’un fournissant une analyse approfondie de l’incidence budgétaire de l’immigration dans les pays de l’OCDE depuis le milieu des années 2000 et l’autre sur les causes et les conséquences de la concentration résidentielle des immigrés. Le rapport contient également des notes par pays et une annexe statistique.
  • 26-October-2021


    Migration Flows in Latin America and the Caribbean: Statistics on Permits for Migrants

    The report presents and describes the new database that compiles data on the number of residence permits granted in fifteen countries of the region by type of permit and nationality of the migrant over a five-year period from 2015-2019.

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  • 13-October-2021


    Impact of COVID-19 on international students in EU and OECD Member States

    This brief looks at the impact of COVID-19 on international students in EU and OECD Member States. It analyses the data collected between February and June 2020 and covers both the admission of new international students who are not yet residing in EU and OECD countries, as well as the situation of those already physically present.

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  • 12-octobre-2021

    Français, PDF, 1,546kb

    Le fonctionnement du système d'intégration et ses acteurs au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

    Face à l’importance et à la diversité croissante de sa population immigrée, le Luxembourg a depuis 2020 enclenché une large révision de son système d’intégration.

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  • 5-May-2021

    English, PDF, 4,008kb

    Safe pathways for refugees: OECD-UNHCR Study on Third-country solutions for Refugees, 2021

    This joint study carried out by the OECD and UNHCR presents an overview of safe admission pathways used by persons of concern to UNHCR across specific population groups over the decade prior to the Covid crisis (2010-2019). The report shows an encouraging trend: over 1.5 million individuals arrived in OECD countries in the period, and the targets set in the Three-year Strategy for 2019 were met.

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  • 30-April-2021

    English, PDF, 593kb

    EMN-OECD Umbrella Inform - The Impact of Covid-19 in the migration area in EU and OECD countries

    Between July 2020 and January 2021, the EMN, the OECD and the KCMD published a series of five EMN OECD Informs on the impact of COVID-19 on migration. This Umbrella Inform provides an update on these impacts as at 31 December 2020, closes earlier information gaps, summarises and analyses the key findings across the earlier Informs, and identifies the main challenges and learning points in responding to the pandemic at national level.

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  • 27-April-2021

    English, PDF, 3,477kb

    ADBI-OECD-ILO 2021 Report: Labor Migration in Asia: Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis and the Post-Pandemic Future

    This report partly draws on the discussions that took place at the 10th ADBI–OECD–ILO Roundtable on Labor Migration: Future of Labor Migration in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities in the Next Decade, held in Bangkok on 6–7 February 2020. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the publication also focuses on the pandemic impacts on labor mobility.

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  • 23-April-2021

    English, PDF, 999kb

    A Web of Insecurity: How gender impacts childhood migration during a pandemic - IDAC issue brief #1 - April 2021

    A Web of Insecurity: How gender impacts childhood migration during a pandemic - IDAC issue brief #1 - April 2021

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  • 21-April-2021

    English, PDF, 647kb

    Migration Policy Debate #26: How can European countries improve the integration of youth with migrant parents?

    This Migration Policy Debates has been prepared for the informal exchange on integration on 13 April 2021, under the Portuguese EU presidency. It summarises previous OECD work on how to strengthen the integration of youth with migrant parents.

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