• 26-July-2018


    Working Together for Local Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Barcelona

    In Barcelona, the rate of foreign residents has quintupled since 2000, and in 2017, 23% of the population was foreign-born. From the late 1990s until today, the municipality has followed an intercultural strategy to implement inclusive measures for local migrant integration. These measures have been recently reinforced to welcome asylum seekers who tripled between 2015 and 2017. For this group, the municipality set up targeted housing and reception policies that complement the national reception system. Migrants have access to municipal measures in key sectors such as housing, minimum living allowances and labour market integration - by the employment service Barcelona Activa - on the same basis as the other residents. Further, Barcelona has developed sensitization initiatives to curb discrimination and improve service delivery in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The municipality has developed local coordination mechanisms with migrant associations and non-governmental organisations that aim to share information, avoid duplication and maximise the access to services such as language classes for migrants. Yet, migrants are particularly affected by socio-economic inequalities particularly following the economic crisis. This report sheds light on how the municipality and non-state partners work together with the other levels of government for sustainable migrant and refugee integration.
  • 1-décembre-2014


    Informations clés sur les migrations en Espagne 2014

    En 2012, 336 100 étrangers sont arrivés en Espagne, ce qui marque un recul important par rapport à l'année précédente (416 300 personnes)...

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  • 4-mai-2011


    ¿Cómo podemos promover la cohesión social a partir de políticas que favorezcan la integración de los inmigrantes?

    Lejos de retóricas populistas, el fenómeno migratorio debe ser un elemento clave en cualquier política de desarrollo local, tanto a nivel económico como en lo que respecta al bienestar social, dijo el Secretario General de la OCDE durante un seminario sobre las ciudades e inmigración.

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