• 3-March-2017


    Primary Care in Denmark

    In many ways, primary care in Denmark performs well. Danish primary care is trusted and valued by patients, and is relatively inexpensive. But there are important areas where it needs to be strengthened. Most critically, Danish primary care is relatively opaque in terms of the performance data available at local level. Greater transparency is vital in the next phase of reform and sector strengthening. Robust information on quality and outcomes empowers patients and gives them choice. It can support GPs to benchmark themselves, and engage in continuous quality improvement. It also allows the authorities to better understand where they should direct additional resources. This report draws on evidence and best practice from across OECD health systems to support Denmark in: agreeing on the steps that will strengthen its primary care sector, delivering high-quality, patient-centred care, and establishing a sustainable footing as the foundation for a high-performing health system.
  • 1-décembre-2014


    Informations clés sur les migrations au Danemark 2014

    En janvier 2014, le nombre d’immigrés et de leurs descendants au Danemark s’élevait à 626 100, soit 25 000 de plus que l’année précédente, représentant 11.1 % de la population totale.

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