Hermosillo scores high in improving the regulatory quality of formalities


Municipality of Hermosillo, 25 February 2015

The OECD Regulatory Policy Division issued its 3rd and last assessment report on progress achieved by Mexican municipalities in implementing the recommendations contained in the Guide to improve the regulatory quality of state and municipalities formalities in Mexico. The municipality of Hermosillo ranks Number 1 in Latin America, having implemented 96% of the 270 actions delivered by the OECD. It is the first municipality in Latin America to score so high in complying with the recommendations of the Guide.


The project began in August 2013, when the municipality of Hermosillo signed an agreement with the OECD to improve the regulatory quality of municipal formalities in Mexican municipalities. The objective of this agreement was to implement recommendations to improve the process of formalities for business start-ups, construction permits, property registers, public procurement, and efficiency on the management of procedures. 

To verify the implementation of the recommendations presented in the Guide, the OECD Regulatory Policy Division reviewed the evidence provided by the municipality of Hermosillo. Some of Hermosillo’s main achievements include, inter alia:


  • An online process to request and deliver business licences for low-risk operations;
  • An online possibility to consult urban development plans;
  • Multimodal inspections to expedite business openings; and
  • A proper signalling of all municipal government offices to improve service delivery to citizens.


Prior to the OECD February 2015 assessment, two evaluations took place. In August 2014, Hermosillo had achieved 12% progress. In December 2014, 52%. Today, it achieved 96%. The municipality of Hermosillo has made superb progress.


Manuel Gerardo Flores, OECD Senior Economist, recognised the efforts made by the municipality to finalise the implementation of the recommendations noting how the commitment and political will of the municipal government, as well as the impeccable co-ordination of the different municipal offices were medullar to achieve the objective. He further stated that “Hermosillo became a champion of regulatory improvement at municipal level”. He made a special recognition to the Mayor Alejandro Lopez Caballero and to Lyzeth Salcedo, Director of the Economic Promotion Commission, for being a “public policy entrepreneur”.


Alejandro Ríos, Deputy General Manager of Projects of the Unit of Digital Government of the Ministry of Public Administration; Gabriela Montaño, Director of Regulatory Improvement of the Federal Regulatory Improvement Federal Commission; Francisco Fernandez, Director of C-Estrategia, Carlos Arce, academic of CIDE, Delia Vazquez, Policy Analyst of the OECD and Alberto Morales, Economist of the OECD were also present in the event.


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