OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform - Italy: Better Regulation to Strengthen Market Dynamics


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  4 May 2010

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Italy has made significant progress using regulatory reform since the first OECD review in 2001. Administrative simplification and the increasing role of competition policy, combined with devolution of state powers to regions, have helped.


However, there are still key challenges for regulatory policy and its implementation, including enforcement, capacity in the civil service, impact analysis for evidence-based decision making, and building a culture of consultation.


The current global economic crisis is an opportunity for Italy to further clarify how the state intervenes in the economy, to improve multi-level co-ordination, and to expand competition in specific sectors. Regulatory reform is an even more important microeconomic strategy in the current climate and could stimulate productivity, if the high regulatory burdens affecting the private sector can be cut.                             

Success on the regulatory reform agenda requires broad consensus over time, in order to ensure that political commitments are translated into concrete changes through the public administration.


This review presents a general picture of the overall regulatory reform frameworks in Italy, examining quality regulation, competition policy and professional services. The review also offers a special focus on multi-level governance, where key issues include local public services, commercial distribution, local transport and energy.


Remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General Rome, 4 May 2010


 Table of Contents

Executive summary (pdf)

Part I. Regulatory Reform and Liberalisation Policies in Italy

   Chapter 1.           Performance and Appraisal

Part II. Regulatory Policies and Outcomes

   Chapter 2.           Government Capacity to Assure High-Quality Regulation
   Chapter 3.           Competition Policy
   Chapter 4.           Competition and Regulatory Reforms in Professional Services
   Chapter 5.           Key Issues
   Chapter 6.           The Challenges of Efficient Regulation in a Multi-Level Governance

   Chapter 7.           Competition and Regulatory Reform in Commercial Distribution
   Chapter 8.           Local Transport
   Chapter 9.           Energy



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