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Start-Up Latin America 2016: building an innovative future 

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Start-up Latin America 2016 presents an update of start-up promotion policies in the region. Start-ups are becoming a reality in Latin America and public policies are playing an important role in supporting their creation and expansion.

This second edition reviews and compares the experiences of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, highlighting the policy objectives and specific instruments employed by each country to support the development of start-ups. Three common trends emerge: the countries are i) introducing reforms in the policy mix to combine financing schemes with support services;  ii) experimenting with new tools (such as co-working spaces and crowdfunding) and forging partnerships with large companies; and iii) advancing in the creation of a pro-startup mindset. Major challenges that lie ahead include: i) strengthening the evaluation of these policies; ii) advancing in setting up a business friendly regulatory framework; and iii) increasing private investment in innovative businesses. This study is the result of a joint-project of the OECD Development Centre and the the Mexican Institute of the Entrepreneur.


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Press Release


  • The launch of the Start-up Latin America 2016 was held during the National Week of the Entrepreneur, organised by INADEM, 6 October 2016, Mexico DF
    Download the agenda of the launch event in Mexico (in Spanish)


Progress report‌

The experiences of Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru’s in startup promotion are being reviewed. The ongoing assessment shows that Latin America is a region in motion: the policy mix of targeted tools has been modernized and new actors and forms rose up in start-up promotion since 2012.

A progress report, “Startup Latin America 2016: Building and Innovative Future”, was presented and benefited from comments from high level participants at the Startup Nation Summit (SNS) in Monterrey (Mexico) on November 20, 2015.

Download the Progress report that was presented during the summit(in Spanish)
Download the Presentation that was given during the summit (in English)


Startup Events:

  • Startup Nation Summit (SNS), Monterrey, Mexico, November 19- 22, 2015
    Download the Agenda of the summit (in Spanish)
  • High Level Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Startups: Agents of Innovation in Latin America, Mexico City, Mexico, August 11-12, 2015
    Download the Agenda and the Paper of the seminar (in Spanish)





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 Start-up Latin America 2013: Promoting Innovation in the Region

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Start-ups are gaining momentum in Latin America's innovation strategies. Start-up Latin America: Promoting Innovation in the Region analyses the role of policies in promoting the creation and expansion of start-ups. It provides a comparative snapshot of recent initiatives in six countries in the region – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru – to identify good practices and foster knowledge sharing to improve innovation policy design and implementation.

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Start-up events:

  • Pre-launch, 25 July 2013 - Panama City
    Start-up Latin America: Promoting Innovation in the Region was pre-launched in Panamá City at a plenary session of the First Regional Telecom Congress (23-26 July 2013) in the frame of the associated meetings of the XXIII Iberoamerican Head of States and Governments Summit. The meeting gathered Ministries, regulatory agencies, CEOs of major telecom companies, experts and representatives of major international organisations to discuss the challenges to close the digital gap in Latin America by 2020.
  • ‌Presentation to the OECD Development Centre Governing Board Seminar, 3 October 2013 - Paris
    Enrique Cabrero Mendoza, Director of CONACYT, Mexico discussed the report with the Governing Board of the OECD Development Centre at a seminar in Paris.
  • Launch, 27 November 2013 – Aguascalientes, Mexico
    CONACYT México, SEGIB and the OECD Development Centre launched “Start-up Latin America: Promoting Innovation in the Region” on 27 November in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in the framework of the 5th Mexican National Innovation and Competitiveness Day. Policymakers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico participated to the launch and discussed the challenges of implementing policies to promote Start-ups.


For information or comments about the report, please contact Ms. Annalisa Primi, Senior Economist, OECD Development Centre:


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