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OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Peru


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Pages: 226
December 2011

This book provides a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of Peru, focusing on the role of government. It provides concrete recommendations and identifies good practices on how to improve policies that affect innovation performance.


The review is part of the ongoing OECD Reviews of Innovaiton Policy series.

Table of contents


Overall Assessment and Recommendations (English, French, Spanish)


Chapter 1. Economic performance and structural change: innovation as a key driver of sustainable growth

  • Impressive growth in the last decade
  • Sustainability of the development path: Emerging issues
  • Framework conditions for innovation
  • Innovation as a key driver of sustainable future growth
  • Peru’s innovation performance

Chapter 2. Innovation: The main actors

  • The business sector
  • Public research institutes
  • The higher education sector
  • Intermediary institutions

Chapter 3. The role of government

  • Peru’s STI system: Evolution of the institutional setting and policy orientations
  • Policy rationales, policy mix and governance: Concepts and experiences
  • Policy design institutions and implementation instruments
  • Policy mix issues and blind spots
  • Moving towards a more efficient STI policy
  • Improving the governance structure and institutional reforms
  • Concluding remarks

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