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HeInnovate: Encouraging entrepreneurship through higher education


  • What's the issue?

Higher education institutions can play a critical role in stimulating entrepreneurship through offering entrepreneurship education, facilities and advice for graduates starting businesses, and incentives for academics for spin-off enterprises and innovation collaborations with off-campus businesses. Their strategies and practices are evolving rapidly, supported by important government reforms. 

  • What is HeInnovate?

HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool for Higher Education Institutions developed through a long-term partnership between the OECD and the European Commission. It aims to support higher education institutions to empower students and staff to demonstrate enterprise, innovation and creativity in their teaching, research and third missions. It sets out a framework for governments and higher education institutions to assess themselves in eight key areas:

  1. Leadership and Governance
  2. Organisational Capacity 
  3. Digital Transformation and Capability
  4. Entrepreneurial Teaching and Learning
  5. Preparing and Supporting Entrepreneurs
  6. Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration
  7. The Internationalised Institution
  8. Measuring Impact.

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The OECD publishes reviews for governments at national and regional level examining how policy can support and incentivise higher education institutions in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.


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