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Annual Meeting of the OECD Schools of Government Network : Building Blocks for Public Sector Innovation


The 4th annual meeting of the OECD Schools of Government Network on the theme of Building Blocks for Public Sector Innovation: New Skills and Learning will be held from 7-8 April 2016, at the Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione in Rome, Italy.

This year’s annual meeting will feature small-group discussions as part of an interactive workshop on innovation skills and competencies.

Both the shape and content of an innovation skills and competency framework and how best to implement this framework will be discussed. The annual meeting will also include a discussion regarding innovations taking place in teaching and learning today.

The results of the meeting will contribute to the work of the network on curriculum and training delivery improvements through new learning techniques.





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For further information, please contact: Makeda Yohannes



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