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Public consultation: Draft principles on the governance of critical risks



The OECD has launched a public consultation on its draft principles on the governance of critical risks.

Developed through the OECD High Level Risk Forum (HLRF) of the Public Governance Committee, the draft principles are designed to assist governments, policy makers and senior officials charged with developing and maintaining societal and economic resilience for major shock events and the implementation of robust risk management frameworks.

The draft principles build on the unique set of knowledge and best practices collected through the OECD High Level Risk Forum, and complement existing OECD instruments that may be related to various aspects of risk management.

Stakeholders are encouraged to comment on the draft principles until 28 February 2014. Please send your comments to:

We draw your attention to  a ‘Concept note’, which provides the rationale for governments to address critical risks. The concept note is not presented for comment. 

Read the Draft principles and Concept note online.


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