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4th Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management



4th OECD Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management

Geneva, Switzerland, 28-29 May 2015

The 4th OECD workshop on 'Strategic Crisis Management' gathered crisis managers from governments, industries, international organisations and leading think tanks to discuss how to anticipate a crisis before it begins and how to navigate the possible pathways or directions a crisis may take once it has started.

Crisis anticipation is an essential aspect of strategic planning before an event occurs and is also a key element of crisis preparedness once a crisis unfolds. The workshop discussed techniques used to detect emerging threats such as strategic anticipation, risk radar and horizon scanning. It explored how anticipation can inform crisis preparedness and how to integrate novelty and creativity into crisis scenario planning.

The workshop also identified best practices and concrete country examples to be included in the OECD Toolkit on Risk Governance, which will help countries to implement the OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Critical Risks

Organised in partnership with the Swiss Federal Chancellery, the OECD 'Strategic Crisis Management' Workshop series explores the adaptive capacities that governments can use to manage a quickly evolving crisis landscape.



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For more information on the workshop please contact Charles Baubion ([email protected]). 

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