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Promoting Public Sector Innovation: Role of Schools of Government


13-14 November 2014, OECD Headquarters, Paris 


The meeting took place in tandem with the OECD conference  “Innovating the Public Sector: from Ideas to Impact” (OPSI conference) and the 50th session of the Public Governance Committee. 


Reflecting on the discussions with innovation practitioners during the OECD conference on public sector innovation, this meeting aimed:

  • to explore the role of the representatives from National Schools of Government (SGs) in building public sector innovation capabilities;
  • to facilitate the exchange of practices in this area, drawing on good practices and lessons learned among participants; 
  • provided an opportunity to discuss preliminary results of the 2014 OECD survey on Schools of Government and;
  • showcase a new OECD online platform to promote seamless exchange of information between the OECD and SGs.

Who attended?

The meeting was attended by representatives from National Schools of Government (SGs), international, regional and national associations of  schools of public administration, the OECD secretariat, and other relevant stakeholders. 

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