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Third Expert Dialogue on Regulatory Policy in Latin America


26-27 April 2016, Santiago, Chile


OECD contributes to the exchange of experiences in best regulatory practices among Latin American countries


At the Third Expert Dialogue on Regulatory Policy in Latin America, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru together with experts from the OECD, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), European Union and the United States, presented and discussed progress and challenges to consolidate a policy to enhance  regulatory quality in the region of Latin America, in order to promote inclusive economic growth.


The meeting included further steps to establish the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Best Regulatory Practices. This initiative of Latin American and Caribbean countries, supported by the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee and the IADB, aims at establishing a forum for the permanent dialogue and exchange of best practices to improve the region’s regulatory quality. Two previous Expert Dialogue meetings took place in Paris in April 2015 and Lima, Peru, in June 2015.


On this occasion Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico shared their national experiences in the progress and challenges of implementing an integral policy to improve the way regulations are designed and implemented. The dialogue also included a presentation of the OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 which contains a comparative analysis of regulatory improvement policies of OECD member countries.


During the meeting, the Minister of Economy, Promotion and Tourism of Chile, Luis Felipe Cespedes urged to continue efforts to improve the quality of regulation in benefit of citizens and enterprises of Latin American and the Caribbean.


The Latin American countries together with the OECD and IADB, agreed to continue the dialogue, the exchange of practices and to further enhance the Network.



OECD Regulatory Policy Division in Mexico @OCDE_RegMx

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, OECD @M_GerardoFlores

Guillermo Morales, Policy Analyst, OECD



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