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Review of Regulatory Performance in the State of Puebla


Puebla, Mexico, 11 January 2017


The purpose of this report was to measure progress accomplished in establishing a regulatory framework and simple and efficient formalities, as well as identify recommendations that could result in improving regulatory management at state and municipal level.


Some of the milestones identified in the review included:

  • Adoption of a whole-of-government regulatory policy through the Regulatory Governance Law, which promotes the participation of stakeholders at local and municipal level, and close engagement between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the State of Puebla;
  • Obligation to carry out regulatory impact assessments (RIAs);
  • Simplification of high impact formalities and establishment of the electronic portal TramitaPue.


The OECD also provided recommendations to the Government of the state of Puebla which include: publishing a by-law on regulatory governance; creating a Regulatory Improvement Unit; strengthening the participation of businessmen and citizens in the State Regulatory Improvement Council; consolidating the RIA system for all draft regulatory projects and including a formal process of public consultation; expanding the administrative simplification strategy and the scope of the TramitaPue portal to incorporate more formalities, among others.


The report was presented by Nick Malyshev, Head of the OECD Regulatory Policy Division, to the Governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle.




Regulatory Policy Division in Mexico and Latin America OECD @OCDE_RLAC

Delia Vazquez, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD @M_GerardoFlores


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