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Public consultation: Draft OECD Best Practice Principles on Regulatory Impact Assessment


The draft OECD Best Practice Principles on Regulatory Impact Assessment [the Principles] is hereby presented for public consultation.

The aim of the Principles is to provide policymakers and civil servants in both OECD member and partner countries with a practical instrument to better design and operationalise their regulatory impact assessment (RIA) systems. The objective is to complement the 2012 Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance which, albeit clear on the importance of RIA systems and using RIA as a tool to aid decision making, is rather general on providing specific guidance.

In these Principles, particular attention is paid to the objectives of regulatory policy and governance. Specifically, emphasis is placed on the importance of up-front political commitment to evidence-based policy making, a sound governance structure for RIA, skills and training, appropriately targeting RIA resources, and monitoring and evaluation.

You are invited to comment on the scope of the document, draft principles and explanatory text. Please, send us your comments electronically by 17 July 2019 to the following email address: [email protected]. By submitting comments you agree with publishing them on the OECD website.


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