Politique réglementaire

Source for the Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance


The indicators are based on responses to the Regulatory Indicators surveys, provided by delegates to the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) and central government officials.


The Regulatory Indicators Surveys gathered information at two points in time: as of 31 December 2014 and 31 December 2017. Data for 2014 are from 34 OECD member countries and the European Union. Data from the 2017 survey are from the 38 OECD member and accession countries and the European Union.


The survey questionnaire has been developed in close co-operation with RPC delegates and members of the OECD Steering Group on Measuring Regulatory Performance.


Survey answers underwent a verification process carried out by the OECD Secretariat in co-operation with delegates to the RPC in order to enhance data quality and ensure comparability of answers across countries and over time.


You can find the complete list of questions underlying the 2017 iREG indicators here.


You can find further information on the questionnaire design, data collection and quality control process in the following working paper: Arndt, C., A. Custance Baker, T. Querbach and R. Schultz (2015), “2015 Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance: Design, Methodology and Key Results”, OECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers, No. 1, OECD Publishing, Paris.


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