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Measuring the impact of digitalising the formalities of the Mexican Social Security Institute, IMSS




OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and Director-General  Mikel Arreola of IMSS, signed a co-operation agreement on regulatory policy aiming at simplifying IMSS formalities and making those available online for the benefit of citizens and Mexican businesses.


During his speech, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said that through the implementation of the Standard Cost Model, the OECD will work with the IMSS to measure the savings in administrative burdens and to prepare a programme of digitalisation and management simplification with the implementation of international best practices. He also indicated that OECD will train staff from the Institute to support the implementation of best practices.


The Standard Cost Model is a public policy tool widely used in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, identified by the OECD as a good international practice for measuring and reducing costs that are imposed by the government on citizens and businesses in complying with regulation. The methodology consists in assigning a monetary cost to the hours that citizens and entrepreneurs engage on regulatory compliance, in order to focus efforts to simplify the formalities identified as the most burdensome.


Co-operation between IMSS and OECD will consist in:

  • The measurement of savings in administrative burdens on the formalities that have been digitalised or simplified by IMSS in the last two years.
  • Reducing administrative burdens to prioritise future efforts on administrative simplification and the digitisation of formalities. This programme will identify the actions that IMSS must take to establish as an objective the simplification and digitisation of formalities. It will also identify the areas for implementation and the costs for carrying out the work.
  • The capacity-building workshops will be addressed to officials responsible for carrying out the work programme and to other IMSS officials involved in implementing the recommendations of the OECD.


The result of the co-operation will foster greater efficiency in the internal processes of the Institute, and savings in time and money for citizens and entrepreneurs that undertake formalities and request services from IMSS. 



Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD in Mexico and Latin America @OCDE_RegMx

Andres Blancas, Economist, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD @M_GerardoFlores


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