Gouvernement ouvert

Open and Innovative Government in Southeast Asia


Over the past ten years, through its commitment to applying the principles of good governance and as a founding member of the Open Government Partnership, Indonesia has shown a strong interest in disseminating open government principles and practices across Southeast Asia and worldwide.

Indonesia’s contributions to the development of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals reflect its unique perspective on how to connect national open government reforms to complementary multi-lateral reform agendas.

The OECD is currently supporting the implementation of open government principles in Indonesia’s via two initiatives:

1 - Open Government Review of Indonesia

This OECD review assesses, through the OECD’s peer review mechanism, Indonesia’s open government policies and practices and provides actionable recommendations on how to improve its ongoing public sector reform

2 - The Network on Open and Innovative Government in Southeast Asia

This network, co-chaired by Indonesia, promotes policy dialogue, knowledge transfer and exchange of good practices between the OECD and Southeast Asian countries in the field of digital government, open government, public sector innovation, and civic engagement in policy making.

Activites of the network include: 

  • Policy dialogue and assistance to implementation
  • Supporting national and regional policy priorities
  • Collecting data and producing analyses for better decision making 


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