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State of the art in the use of emerging technologies in the public sector - OECD Working Paper


State of the art in the use of emerging technologies in the public sector 

OECD Working Papers on Public Governance No. 31, Sept 2019 - Barbara Ubaldi, Enzo Maria Le Fevre, Elisa Petrucci, Pietro Marchionni, Claudio Biancalana, Nanni Hiltunen, Daniela Maria Intravaia, Chan Yang

This Working Paper is intended to highlight the main opportunities and challenges for the use of emerging technologies (ET), and in particular emerging digital technologies, in the public sector. Based on the first results of the analysis of evidence collected in 20 countries, the paper offers a few insights on the state of the art on the strategies and practical examples on how governments are attempting to integrate ET in the public sector.

The paper suggests that governments could consider focusing actions on the following key areas, indicated in the OECD Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence, to integrate emerging technologies in their overall digital transformation agenda:


  • Establishing a suitable governance framework to facilitate the use of technology in public sector.
  • Promoting synergies across public sector organisations that can support a purpose-oriented and problem-driven adoption of ET's.
  • Experimenting and piloting
  • Reassessing existing legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Stepping up collaboration with the private sector
  • Jointly participating in international and/or regional projects


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