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Senior Civil Service: Performance, Accountability and Organisational Success


Expert meeting - Paris, 26-27 November 2015

The OECD presented a unique and innovative expert meeting bringing together two long-standing communities to discuss common tools and mechanisms to drive performance in OECD Governments. The Public Employment and Management (PEM) expert meeting began with a joint session with the Senior Budget Officials’ Performance and Results Network to explore the linkages and connections between two interrelated dimensions of performance systems: money and people. This joint session and the subsequent PEM-focused meeting explored the following questions:

• How can performance systems be designed to encourage greater use of performance information in decision making?

• How can performance information be used to incentivise ambitious goal-setting and accountability in a politicized system?

• What are the of motivational instruments available to drive more effective use of performance information and what effects might these have on the performance of civil service systems as a whole?



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