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Multi-stakeholder sports integrity taskforces established


Major summit staged in London as part of global fight against corruption in sports

06/12/2018 - More than 100 Ministers, international sports organisations and experts from around the world met in London today to reaffirm the global commitment to tackling corruption in sport.

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IPACS Working Group Meetings

29/06/2018 Third Working Group Meeting, Lausanne

14-15/12/2017 Second Working Group Meeting, Paris

21/06/2017 First Working Group Meeting, Paris

International Partnership against Corruption in Sport (IPACS) establishes multi-stakeholder taskforces to tackle major challenges to sports integrity

15/12/2017 - The International Partnership against Corruption in Sport (IPACS), a multi-stakeholder platform, agreed to set up three taskforces to help tackle corruption in sport at its meeting at the OECD in Paris on 14 to 15 December 2017 [summary of discussions].

Representatives from international sports organisations, governments, and inter-governmental organisations agreed that these taskforces will focus on the following priority areas:

  • reducing the risk of corruption in procurement relating to sporting events and infrastructure | Terms of reference

  • ensuring integrity in the selection of major sporting events, with an initial focus on managing conflict of interest | Terms of reference

  • optimising the processes of compliance with good governance principles to mitigate the risk of corruption | Terms of reference

Each multi-stakeholder taskforce will develop specific initiatives such as checklists and pilot projects and report back to the IPACS working group during its next meeting scheduled for June 2018 at the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. A first high-level annual meeting is foreseen for late 2018.  


IPACS was launched at the IOC’s International Forum on Sport Integrity (IFSI) held in February 2017. It is a multi-stakeholder platform with the mission “to bring together international sports organisations, governments, inter-governmental organisations, and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen and support efforts to eliminate corruption and promote a culture of good governance in and around sport”, as agreed at IPACS’ first working group meeting in June 2017.
These initiatives respond to the call made by leaders at the 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit for a coordinated response to tackle corruption in sport. This call was echoed by the 14th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers Responsible for Sport on 29 November 2016. Support was further expressed by the G20 governments who, in their Leaders’ Declaration, committed to working to address integrity in sport and urged international sports organisations to intensify their fight against corruption by achieving the highest standards of global integrity and anti-corruption. Furthermore, through resolution 7/8 on Corruption in Sport adopted at the seventh session of the Conference of the States Parties Session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, governments have been urged to effectively mitigate the risks of corruption in sport, including through multi-stakeholder global and national partnerships.
The IPACS Working Group meetings are coordinated by the IPACS core group comprised of the United Kingdom Government, the IOC, the OECD, the Council of Europe, and UNODC.


For more information on IPACS please email [email protected].


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