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Regional Federation of Accountants and Auditors


In June 1999, the OECD, in co-operation with USAID, helped constitute a regional federation of NIS accounting and audit associations: The Regional Federation of Accountants and Auditors - Eurasia. The "Eurasian Federation" has as its principle objectives to:

  • develop and strengthen the accounting and audit profession through their respective associations;
  • integrate the profession into and create linkages with the international community; and
  • develop sustainable self-regulatory organisations in the region.

In support of these broader objectives, the Eurasian Federation helps translate, distribute and implement international standards on accounting, audit and ethics; develop model training, education and certification programmes based on international benchmarks; and serve as an "information clearing house". It encourages the development of an independent profession able to meet its public interest responsibilities.

December 2002 saw the completion of the OECD's involvement in this project ended in December 2002 with the successful constitution of the IRFAA.
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