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Towards Gender Equality before the Law



Date: 10 March 2017 ¦ Location: OECD Conference Centre, Paris 




While globalisation has created multiple opportunities, its impact on gender equality and access to justice remains underexplored. Public policies are under pressure to ensure that globalisation benefits all, more fairly.


Towards Gender Equality before the Law highlighted people-centred and gender-responsive policy, legal and justice tools that can better support social and economic outcomes for women and girls across social groups. The event showcased country practices and discussed the remaining challenges in putting the needs of both women and men at the centre of legal and justice systems. Empowering all women and girls to enjoy their rights and address disparities in accessing public services such as health, employment, education and justice as well as entrepreneurship is crucial for equal societies and inclusive economies.




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10 March 2017: Rolf Alter, OECD Director for Public Governance moderates the Towards Gender Equality before the Law panel at the OECD in Paris; Laura Cox, Former UK High Court Judge; Karine Gilberg, French Ministry of Justice; Carolina Lasén Diaz, Council of Europe; Pamela Murphy, Status of Women Canada and Daniela Piana, University of Bologna.


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