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13th OECD High Level Risk Forum


The focus of the 13th meeting of the OECD High Level Risk Forum (HLRF) was on enhancing crisis anticipation capacity and promoting a whole-of-society approach to managing critical risks. These two topics had been identified as key challenges in the Report on Implementation of the OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Critical Risks. Members welcomed the Framework on Management of Emerging Critical Risks as a methodological tool to reduce uncertainties and adapt to future crises.

The meeting featured a collaborative horizon scanning exercise to explore disruptive futures and key actions to address them. Members were guided in the use of foresight techniques to explore future disruptions arising from convergent megatrends.

In the context of crisis anticipation, delegates shared experiences on how artificial intelligence is being used to intensify risks to critical infrastructure security. They also discussed the growing use of economic policies to further national security objectives, and the importance of monitoring the unintended consequences of market interference.


Delegates also discussed how to integrate non-government actors into a whole of society approach to disaster risk and crisis management, address the challenges related to the use of disinformation to create confusion during a crisis, collaboration with the private sector to secure supply of critical goods and resources, and leveraging scientific expertise for evidence-based crisis management.

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