Forum 2012 de l'OCDE: OECD_IdeaFactory








The  ensures everyone is part of the solution, every experience matters and the sessions have no "podium" and no "panel discussion".


Everybody gets to participate. Ideas are transformed, not simply shared.




...self-organise in small groups around 15 discussion leaders, who provide diverse perspectives on the main theme of the session. The number of attendees is limited to 90 people who are willing to commit to full-time participation (beginning to
end) without interruption or distraction
(no phone use). OECD_IdeaFactory sessions are held in English and no translation is provided.  

The Space... flexible and enables work in small groups and plenary discussions. Tools to facilitate small group interaction and sharing are embedded in the space.


The Process...

...begins with an insightful introduction given by a first keynote speaker. Groups rapidly become engaged in hands-on activities, supported by an experienced facilitation team.

The  process stimulates the creation of new concepts in small groups. These new ideas are then shared in a final plenary conversation, which is closed by a second keynote speaker.


...are different for every session, but all  sessions achieve the following outcomes:
> reframe the understanding of a theme
> comprehend the emerging possibilities about an issue or a problem
> identify the key questions around which leaders and policy makers should focus their work and research efforts in the future.



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