Forum 2012 de l'OCDE : Antonella Noya


Antonella Noya

Senior Policy Analyst, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development, OECD

Antonella Noya is a Senior Policy Analyst with the OECD LEED Programme, and the Manager of the OECD/LEED Forum on Social Innovations. Since her arrival at the OECD, Ms Noya has developed new areas of work: the role of non-profit sector, social economy and social enterprises in local development; the role of culture in local development; asset-building for low-income people; social innovation; community capacity building; corporate social responsibility towards local communities; and, women entrepreneurship.


She has authored and edited several OECD publications. In particular, she is the co-author of the OECD publication, Social Enterprises, the editor of OECD publications, including: Culture and Local Development; Asset-building for Low-income People: A New Policy Debate; The Changing Boundaries of Social Enterprises. She has also co-edited Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Urban Regeneration; The Non-Profit Sector in a Changing Economy, Social Economy: Building Inclusive Economies and Community Capacity Building: creating a better future together. She is the author of the chapter on “social entrepreneurship and social innovation” in the OECD publication SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


She holds a post-graduate degree in the Economics of Spatial Planning and Local Development and a university degree in Political Sciences.




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