Forum 2004: Health of Nations




The OECD is very grateful to the governments of

Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands and the Slovak Republic

for their generous support for Forum 2004.




Forum 2004 included keynote speeches by Michel Barnier, Minister of Foreign Affairs, France; Luis Ernesto Derbez, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mexico; Donald J. Johnston, Secretary-General, OECD; Kim Dae-jung, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Former President of Korea; and Mary Robinson, Executive Director, Ethical Globalisation Initiative, and former President of Ireland.













 Message from Donald J. Johnston, OECD Secretary-General

"This year's edition of the OECD Forum will address several aspects of the "Health of Nations", namely the health of our citizens, the health of the economy and the health of multilateral co-operation. A healthy nation is one that creates for its citizens economic prosperity and social cohesion, thanks to sound and effective systems of governance. And thus, the key to the health of nations is how we govern our nations."

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Message from Vicente Fox, President of Mexico

"Mexico currently has a broad and dynamic international presence. The process of change in the global economic system has increased financial and commercial ties between countries, leading to growing interdependence. Mexico's economic development nowadays depends largely on the income generated by international trade, foreign investment and tourism, which in turn depend upon the state of the world economy."

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Message from Luis Ernesto Derbez, Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister

"It is no coincidence that OECD Forum 2004 will address some of the top issues on the international agenda: the health of the world economy, of multilateral co-operation and of our citizens, all of which affect the health of our nations. Countries, enterprises, international institutions and citizens alike depend directly and indirectly upon them in one way or another."

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