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Generic Status Message XML Schema: User Guide for Tax Administrations


Published 25 February 2020


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This publication contains the OECD's standardised IT-format to allow tax administrations to provide structured feedback to the sender on errors encountered with respect to tax information exchanged through the OECD Common Transmission System (CTS).

The CTS was launched in 2017 and currently supports the automatic exchange of Common Reporting Standard information, Country-by-Country Reports and Tax Rulings by over 100 jurisdictions.

As of autumn 2020, the CTS will also support a wide range of other exchanges, including on-request and spontaneous exchanges, as well as the transmission of information pertaining to Mutual Agreement Procedure, TRACE and other forms of co-operation. The Generic Status Message XML Schema will allow tax administrations to provide feedback on the technical quality of the information exchanged, independent of the underlying exchange of information policy.






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