Spain’s accession to the Global Deal


Remarks by Ángel Gurría

OECD Secretary-General 

22 November 2018 - Madrid, Spain

(As prepared for delivery)




Madam Ministers, ladies and gentlemen:

I am delighted to be here to welcome Spain as a new member of the Global Deal, the initiative we have launched to promote decent, dignified work, leaving no one behind and grasping the challenges and opportunities that globalisation presents to our labour markets. Today, Spain is joining around 100 countries and key stakeholders from almost every region of the world.


When we launched the Global Deal at the United Nations in September 2016, together with the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, and the ILO, I said that it was “an initiative whose moment had come”. Two years on, its relevance has continued to grow. Today, more than ever, we are faced with the acute need to relaunch social dialogue as a fundamental driver to foster a more human, more inclusive economy.


The Global Deal makes an active contribution to social dialogue

The Global Deal brings together governments, businesses, social actors and key stakeholders to promote active social dialogue aimed at ensuring the creation of high quality jobs, increased productivity and higher levels of equality, trust and inclusive growth.


Through its publications and activities, the Global Deal is actively contributing to placing social dialogue and collective bargaining at the core of the international agenda. It is also demonstrating that there are compelling arguments for this. For instance, the report we presented last May concludes that social dialogue creates “win-win-win” scenarios, where, if we promote more inclusive workplaces, all stakeholders are winners.


The Global Deal Support Unit will back up governments’ efforts

The objectives of the Global Deal are as ambitious as they are necessary. To achieve them, the OECD has now set up a Support Unit, which will operate as the Global Deal Secretariat, as was concluded just a few days ago with Prime Minister Löfven’s visit to the OECD. This Unit will serve to consolidate the initiative and integrate more effectively the knowledge and experience of the OECD and the ILO. It will also help us to work more closely with the Global Deal partners to enhance the actions they take and facilitate the exchange of good practices.


Ladies and gentlemen:

The quality of our economies is perceived through the quality of the jobs they create. Let us join forces to continue improving that quality.


I have no doubt that Spain’s accession will add a strong, original and constructive voice to the Global Deal, and will boost its capacity to meet the UN Agenda 2030. I should like to congratulate Spain on its commitment to strengthening social dialogue within and beyond its borders, thus promoting more inclusive, more sustainable economic development. Together, let us make the Global Deal a global reality!  Thank you very much.




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