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Increased use of bicycles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution – and have positive impacts on human health.

Measures to promote bicycle use in Austria, in France, in Germany, in Hungary, in Italy, in Korea and in Sweden were presented at the 2010 Working Group on Transport (WGT).

Under the auspices of the Working Group on Transport, the OECD undertook work on urban transport issues, presented at the joint OECD/ITF Global Forum on Sustainable Development: Transport and Environment in a Globalising World held in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2008:

  • The report "Mind-forg’d Manacles -- The Constraints to Optimising Urban Transport Policy" (2008) discussed the constraints facing policy makers wishing to design policies to improve urban transport. Urban transport policy, like any other field of policy, operates in an inevitably second-best world. But the constraints to developing and implementing a welfare-optimal policy in this field are, on closer examination, often imaginary ones, and where real, are often negotiable. It follows that we can, and should, move steadily toward optimising policy settings in urban transport.


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