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  • 15-April-2016


    Remarks at Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition High-Level Assembly

    The OECD has stood with you on the front lines of the global fight against climate change for decades. Indeed, you may recall that the "polluter pays" principle was spearheaded by the OECD back in 1972.

  • 30-March-2016


    Webinar: What we think about global warming?

    Cloudy head on climate change? Join the webinar on Wednesday 30 March 2016 from 1-2 pm (Paris time) with Professor Per Espen Stoknes on What we think about... when we try not to think about... global warming!

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  • 27-February-2016


    Shanghai G20: Green Finance and Climate Finance

    Remarks made at Session VIII – Green Finance and Climate Finance at the G20 Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting

  • 28-janvier-2016


    Vers une décarbonisation de l’économie mondiale : quelle direction prendre après la COP21 - Vidéo en direct

    L’AIE a le plaisir de d'annoncer le 2ème événement de Big IdEAs, nouveau cycle de conférences par des orateurs prestigieux. Le vendredi 29 janvier à 11h30, le professeur Sir David King, représentant spécial du Ministre britannique des Affaires étrangères pour le changement climatique, s’exprimera sur le thème : « Vers une décarbonisation de l’économie mondiale : quelle direction prendre après la COP21 ».

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  • 14-December-2015


    Beyond COP21: Boosting systems innovation for green growth

    The hard work starts now. The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to cut emissions submitted by 160 countries – even if fully implemented – do not add up to the level of emissions reduction needed to keep the global average temperature rises below 2 degrees. So how can we close this emissions gap?

  • 10-December-2015


    Getting the most out of corporate climate change disclosure

    We have more and more evidence about the risks that climate change poses to our planet. But climate change also threatens the long-term health and stability of financial markets and the global economy. And we don’t know nearly enough to understand and measure these risks.

  • 10-December-2015


    Rethinking fiduciary duty for a more sustainable planet

    If we want to get serious about unlocking green investment, we need to get serious about systematically integrating climate risks into our understanding of fiduciary duty.

  • 9-December-2015


    Pathway to a low-carbon economy: Remarks at OECD-University of Cambridge COP21 side event

    The starting point is clear: our economies have been hard-wired around fossil fuels for well over a century. This hard-wiring is evident in our physical infrastructure. Perhaps less obvious, but equally problematic, it is also evident in our policies, regulations and institutions.

  • 6-December-2015


    Leading the world towards a green economy: Remarks at IPU Parliamentary Meeting

    At the OECD we are doing everything in our power to help governments drive both growth and environmental sustainability.

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  • 4-December-2015


    Remarks at GLOBE COP21 Legislators Summit

    Continuing down the carbon path will only lead us to a more vulnerable world; a world where rising risk from climate disaster and its financial liabilities are increasingly tied to out-of-date infrastructure, especially in those places least equipped to cope. I therefore applaud Globe’s emphasis on a coordinated approach to the 2015 agenda.

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