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  • 27-February-2013


    A clean energy economy - Lessons from Iceland

    In his speech to OECD Ambassadors, the President of Iceland discussed how Iceland could offer lessons on the nature of a clean energy economy; and presented some insights from Iceland's recent challenges in dealing with the financial crisis.

  • 15-February-2013

    English, PDF, 1,756kb

    Presentation 1a: Role of national ecosystem assessments in influencing policy making, C. Brown (1 Feb 2013)

    Presentation for the CGDD-OECD Seminar on the assessment of ecosystem services and its use for public policies.

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  • 8-December-2010


    Climate change: yes we can!

    To sum-up, Green and Growth can and should go together, but we need to put the right policies in place. The OECD is working to help countries reconcile fighting climate change with strengthening the economy and creating jobs.

  • 3-mai-2010


    L’approche économique de l’eau

    Dans ce discours, Angel Gurría rappelle que l’approche économique de l’eau, repose en priorité sur des institutions solides et une bonne gouvernance, notamment des politiques appropriées en matière de: gestion de la ressource en eau, financement des infrastructures liées à l’eau et tarification de l’eau et des services associés.

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  • 14-October-2009


    Climate change: the biggest threat to economic recovery

    After a year of pain and pessimism, we are starting to see signs of an economic recovery. Green shoots are sprouting. Governments' bold economic and financial actions of over the past year are beginning to take effect. But we are not out of the woods yet...

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  • 1-February-2008


    OECD Expert Meeting “Sustainable Financing for Affordable Water Services: From Theory to Practice"

    Powerpoint Presentations made during the OECD Expert Meeting “Sustainable Financing for Affordable Water Services"

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  • 2-May-2007


    Seminário sobre Alterações Climáticas, Inovação e Crescimento

    Discurso do Exmo. Senhor Angel Gurría, Secretário Geral da Organização para a Cooperação e o Desenvolvimento Económico (OCDE). Ministério da Economia e da Inovação, Lisboa, 2 de Maio de 2007.

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  • 20-December-2006


    Renewable Energy and Environmental Taxes

    The high price of some new non-polluting energy technologies makes it hard for them to compete with traditional energy sources. To curb industrial pollution, many OECD countries have intrduced poollution taxes.

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  • 1-août-2006

    Français, , 186kb

    L’OCDE et l’ONU : garantir l’accès à l’eau potable et à l’assainissement

    L’OCDE et l’ONU : garantir l’accès à l’eau potable et à l’assainissement

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  • 2-December-2005


    Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Linking Climate Change and Development

    The OECD held an official side event and book launch on mainstreaming responses to climate change in development planning and assistance at the 2005 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Canada.

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