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Joint Meeting of the EU Water Initiative's EECCA Working Group and the OECD EAP Task Force’s Group of Senior Officials for Water Sector Reform in EECCA


The Joint Meeting was held on the 24-25th of November 2009, in Bucharest, Romania with the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development hosting the event.


The objective of this 5th joint meeting was to discuss major advances made in the implementation of the EU Water Initiative and EAP Task Force work programmes, since the previous network meetings in Bucharest and Ashgabat; to adopt the work programme of the group for 2010 and possible future work in 2011, as well as to have more substantive discussions on a number of topics of common interest.


This meeting was held back to back with two other events, - a seminar on water and climate change (p.m. on 25 November) and a seminar on integrated nitrate pollution control (26 - 27 November jointly with the World Bank). The aim of these two seminars were to show the impact of climate change on the achievement of the EECCA objectives and to present an example on how different protection activities could contribute to integrated water resources management.


This Joint Meeting meeting has been organised by the Ministry of Environment of Romania together with the European Commission, the OECD/EAP Task Force, UNECE, WHO/EURO, GEF and the World Bank and UNECE.


Agenda (Russian)

Summary Record of the Joint Meeting (Russian)



EUWI-EECCA Component - Annual Work Programme 2010 - Draft (Russian)
Status of partnership arrangements and progress of the National Policy Dialogues of the EUWI-EECCA Component in 2008-2009 (Russian)





Session 1: Progress in implementing the work programme


EUWI-EECCA Recent progress and highlights, Financing Water in EECCA, Peter Börkey, OECD Environment Directorate (Russian)


Session 2: Challenges of Decentralisation for Water Supply and Sanitation - What are they and how could they be addressed?


Dealing with post-decentralization implications in the water sector, Tatiana Efimova,EAP Task Force, OECD (Russian)

Major challenges, existing solutions and reforms initiatives in the decentralized water sector in Ukraine, Irina Zapatrina, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Municipal Housing Economy of Ukraine (Russian)


Session 3: Financing Water Resources Management in the EECCA Region - Key Challenges and teh Way Forward


Financing Water in EECCA, Peter Börkey, OECD Environment Directorate (Russian)
Works Implemented in Armenia within EU NPD,Volodya Narimanyan,Rainer Enderlein,Vahagn Tonoyan (bilingual)

Equilibrium – Europe, Restore the Balance between expenses and income, ec. Aurel Filip – financial director, Somes – Tisa Waters Division, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Session 4: Towards the Achievement of the Water Related MDGs: Translating the Goals into National Targets


Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for WSS and approach to the calculation of costs for reaching them, Tatiana Efimova, EAP Task Force, OECD (Russian)

Costing MDGs on Water Supply and Sanitation in the Kyrgyz Republic and Selecting a “Preferred” Scenario through a National Policy Dialogue, Alexandre Martoussevitch, EAP Task Force, OECD (Russian)


Session 5: Integrated Water Resources Management under the EUWI in the EECCA Region: International Cooperation and River Basin Management


Improving IWRM in the EECCA region: Activities on transboundary waters and country – based activitiesDr Gulnara Roll, Dr Rainer E. Enderlein, Regional experts, UNECE

Romanian Experience on Transboundary Water Cooperation, Mrs. Ana Drapa, Ministry of Environment, Romania

Water Governance in the Western EECCA Countries, Steven Warren
Climate Change As a Major Challenge on the Way to Achieving Water-Related Millennium Development Goals, Elena Boyeva

Global Water Challenges and Opportunities: Inaction is Not an Option, Paul Reiter, IWA Executive Director  (not available)                          

IWA and the Danube Region: Working in Partnership for Efficient & Sustainable Water Services, Paul Reiter, IWA Executive Director (not available)  


Session 6: Presentatin of the Ongoing and Future Projects and Initiatives in the Region


World Bank Water Resources Management Strategy and Programme

On-going and future projects and initiatives in the EECCA region (co-)financed by the EU, Thomas Brinkmann, European Commission, Directorate General EuropeAid

Programme for Water Sector Support to the EECCA 2009-2013 from Finland, Ari Mäkelä


Session 7: Future Work and Adoption of the 2010 Work Programme


EUWI-EECCA Work Programme Proposal 2010, Gheorghe Constantin (Russian)